Here are the standings as we head into the Finals.  Congratulations to Nick Beil who has locked up the NCAA bracket tournament with a come from behind victory.  After correctly picking 3 of the 4 Final 4 Teams, Nick also picked the Final matchup of Villanova vs. UNC.  He has UNC to win but the only person who still has Villanova in the finals is Mckenzie Saunders.  Since she only has 75 points currently, even a 12 point win in the finals would leave her short of Nick’s 95 points.  However, some money is still up for grabs as we will be paying out the top 4 brackets.  



Here are the standings as we head into the Final 4.  The matchups will be Villanova vs. Oklahoma and UNC vs. Syracuse.

After getting off to a lightning quick start and correctly picking 7 of the 8 Elite 8 teams, Andy Krohn was unable to keep the momentum going as none of his final 4 picks made it.  It was pretty sweet while it lasted Andy!

Lee M is in the lead and has ‘Nova vs. Oklahoma and UNC vs. Michigan St for his final 4. Lee has Oklahoma winning it all.

Tim Porter is in 2nd place and has Kansas vs Oklahoma and UNC vs Michigan St as well. Tim also has Oklahoma winning it all but he has UNC in the final while Lee does not, leaving Tim with a window of opportunity.

Pat Saunders is in 3rd place but has Kansas winning it all and is mathematically eliminated.

Despite currently being T4, Nick B picked UNC to win and still has a chance if UNC wins it all.

The full brackets and standings can be downloaded below

2016 NCAA Standing as of the Final 4