August Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our August winner for Employee of the month Sara Kunkel, our Bid and Contract Administrative Assistant.

Sara assists our estimating department in preparing the pre-qualifications requirements, bid contracts, manages the FPT site, and prints off the tabbed Specifications and Plan Documents for the Project Managers. Sara is considered a part-time employee, and in her limited working hours always manages to finish the tasks asked of her. She is willing to stay when needed to ensure the bids are completed by deadline, and is able to plan her work to get the extra plans and specifications needed to help our field employees. Many employees have remarked on how much they appreciate the specifications tabbed to assist them in finding their sections quickly when working under pressure out in the field. In our Estimating Department, more projects we are bidding on are requiring more pre-qualifications. We want to be eligible for as many projects as possible and her assistance in meeting the qualifications and deadlines is appreciated.

This past month there were numerous nominations from foremen, to service department, to our field personnel. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of your coworkers, and of course, thank you to all of the hard work and commitment from all of our employees here at H&H Industries. It is a very difficult decision to pick only one person a month, and thank you for making the decision hard every month by your outstanding performance.

August idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our August winner for Idea of the month Matt Chitwood, our Plumbing Foreman onsite at the Monroe WWTP.

Matt has made a template for wall pipe penetrations for coring holes with the core machine. By using the template on the wall, mark the holes with the anchors, set the core machine and no layout time for the machine is needed to re-center the holes. This will help save labor time in centering the core machine every time you need it. The templates will be sent out with the core machine; we will need to know what size hole you will be coring so we send out the correct template. This is another example of using ergonomics in the workplace to save man hours and time used for tools that may be needed elsewhere. This is another example of our employees ‘working smarter, not harder’. Ergonomics in the workplace can save extra steps leading to fatigue, time on a task that could be used to complete another task, and money in the long run by the money saved on the labor, the tools, and by finishing ahead of schedule instead of paying a fine for completing the job late.

This month brought many great ideas from our employees, and as we look around the workplace we are seeing many ideas that are implemented from input by our staff. Thank you to all of our employees for your innovative ideas, and the pride you all take in ensuring the job is done as best as it can be done. Every month your submissions show you are not just doing a job, but doing it the best way possible.

Please keep the entries coming for next month. Remember to stop by the Labor Command Center, the Kick-off meeting room, to see the plaques with the Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month displayed. There we also have job pictures framed and posted and the Idea pictures on the projection screen posted. .