December Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month, Cory Lambert.

Cory is one of our Sheet Metal Tradesmen, who has worked for HHI off and on since 2008. Cory works on a wide variety of construction job sites as well as filling in as a driver, warehouse manager for vacation, and in our sheet metal shop. Cory has been in construction for many years and brings a variety of talents to each job he performs. He is always willing to fill in where needed and even helps to fill out paperwork and computer work that occasionally comes up for different jobs, including special requirements for state and federal job sites. It is always a bonus to have an employee who is well-rounded and can jump in and start working, knowing a little bit about many things. He used his knowledge of the trades, our many job sites and different employees when he filled in at the warehouse to cover a vacation. We appreciate all our employees helping to fill in when we have an absence or shortage. He took time to ask questions and learn the job before stepping in. Thank you to Cory and all of our employees for not only doing your job well but helping to get all jobs finished on time and done right. Cory fits right in with H&H by pulling together and working as a great team. Thank you to everyone for doing the best to accommodate schedule changes, in that things run smoothly all the time. Keep the employee of the month entries coming in, and thank you for supporting your co-workers by recognizing their hard work in continuing to improve our company. We have the best team – we work together, we support each other, and we grow and learn together.


December Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our December Idea of the Month, Peggy Thomas.

Peggy has been with H&H Industries for over 25 years, and is currently our Office Manager. Peggy has had many great time-saving ideas and contributions over the years, the latest is creating an Inter-Company Work Ticket for the PM’s to fill out and email or return to the service dispatcher. This allows service and our PM’s to have a record of the service request. The work ticket contains the information needed to process the order. The work ticket can be returned to the PM including comments should there be any issues, and a copy of the work ticket may be attached to the final bill. Peggy worked with Mike Raether to come up with ideas to finalize the work ticket template. This helps our Service Department and PM’s when they are working together on projects, as well as our invoicing and billing departments. Thank you to Peggy for coming up with another great idea to help our company improve, and thank you for creating the form and implementing the idea! Thank you to everyone for continuing to submit your great ideas and thinking up new ways to improve our company. We have received positive feedback from our employees on the Ideas of the Month winners we are currently using and how well those new ideas are working out. Thanks again to this month’s winner, Peggy Thomas, and to all of our previous winners!