Employee of the month for May 2013:

Congrats to Mike Casper for winning the award!

He was picked for his customer relation skills and commitment to doing a great job. Mike was able to pick up $120,000 dollars of addition work at Charter Street power house thru his customer relationship with Boldt. Mike was also recognizes earlier in the year for his work at MATC. Nick Beil nominated Mike for this month.

Also nominated this month were Andy Krohn, Chris Krueger, Dean Ethridge, Ed Mennes, Edward Augustus, Joe Milz, Rob Strait, and Terry Reed. Thank you to everyone for participating and supporting your fellow employees. Everyone here at H&H Industries does a great job every month and it is nice to see you take the time to write down examples of ‘above and beyond’ when you see someone excel.

Idea of the month for May 2013:

Congrats to Mike Hewitt for winning the award!

He was picked for his idea that we are using at WIMR.  We have approximately 60 coils that were bad from the factory and needed to be pulled out after all duct and pipe was hooked up. Mike came up with the idea of rigging a dent puller with a pair of vise grips welded to the end. We know what it took to do it the old fashion way of a vise grip and hammer so when we tried his idea it turned out that there was a 33% savings in using the dent puller.  Great job Mike, for looking past your own trade and looking outside the box.

There were many great ideas that were contributed; among them were suggestions from Bob Lindauer, Matt Ryan, and Seth Redalen. We even received suggestions that were not signed. Thanks to everyone for coming up with such great ideas and please continue to write down your ideas to help H&H improve even more.

Everyone has a chance to win either employee of the month or Idea of the month-but only if we have your suggestions and nominations. Please turn in nominations for next month by June 7. Good Luck to everyone and thank you again for supporting your coworkers and helping come up with ideas for improvement.