Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our July winner for Employee of the month Chris Krueger.

Chris was nominated this month and a previous month for the great customer service he shows at WIMR. Not only has Chris maintained good customer relations at the jobsite with Boldt and the client, but Chris is instrumental in bringing up morale with our employees during the personnel shift. He brings a positive attitude to the table for our crew members. He has been willing to put in long hours at the WIMR project when it is necessary for our project and to assist with crisis that may develop with the other trades on the job at WIMR. He is willing to help out our other trades at WIMR and works hard to meet the deadlines for the ongoing projects at the jobsite. We have had many nominations for Employee of the month and appreciate all the entries. Please keep the entries coming, entries are reviewed from current month and the previous months.

Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our July winner for Idea of the month Dylan Lynch.

Once again we have an employee who has a great idea, implemented the idea to find it saves time, makes the job easier, and is a more efficient way to preform our work. Dylan has rigged the laser to a piece of threaded rod so you can shoot anchor holes from the lift and without having to go up and down off the lift. Pictures are available in the labor area. Please come and check them out! This great idea incorporates the use of ergonomics in the field and ‘work smarter-not harder’. Good use of the philosophy using less steps to get the job done; such as having your tools near you so you are not walking all over the floor to find a tool just to perform one task.

There were many good ideas again this month. Keep writing down the ideas you already use and have implemented in the field. Thank you for coming up with time-saving, efficient, productive ideas. Continue to submit your entries for next month.