Employee of the Month:

Congrats to Don Kester for winning the award for June, 2013.


Don was picked for his dedication not only to H&H but also to the client and other contractors on site. Don has great leadership skills and does a good job of bringing a good attitude to the whole crew no matter what is going on. He helps general contractors and our subs along to try to make the job successful not to just H&H but the whole team. Some of you may remember Don received a letter of recommendation earlier in the year from one of our long-standing clients. Thank you to Don for the continued good work on every job site. Greg Nelson and Nick Beil nominated Don for this month.

There were many nominations this month. Thank you to everyone for participating and supporting coworkers as a team. Again, everyone at H&H Industries does a great job and everyone is appreciated for a job well done and continued support of your fellow employees. Keep the nominations coming in!

Idea of the Month:

Congrats to Rob Strait for winning the award for June, 2013.

Rob had the idea to email all packing slips to the PMs and also to the foreman. The idea did not cost H&H anything to implement and has a huge impact. The PMs and the foreman know sooner when the material is here. Work can be scheduled better. PMs and foreman can confirm with Jamie as to what is here and when it can be delivered to the job site. We have been tried out the system and it is working well for everyone in the office, shop and out in the field. Thank you to Rob for his idea and help in implementing an efficient system for deliveries.

There were many great ideas this month. Thank you to everyone for new ideas on improvement as our company continues to grow and expand. Everyone has a chance to win, keep the entries coming in. Please turn in your nominations for next month by July 5. Good luck to everyone and thank you for taking the time to support your coworkers and your company by trying out new ideas to see what will work best. Please stop by the Labor Office next week to see the Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month Plaques.

We would like to let everyone know that if they can’t bring in the slips, they can email to Mark Reed, give the slips to their foreman, and we will give the truck drivers inter-office envelopes that the slips can be sent back in.