November Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our November Employee of the Month, our ‘new’ Office Manager Assistant, Janina Kirksey

Janina is not only new to our company, but she is new to the mechanical contractor industry and has done a fantastic job learning the trade as well as the needs of the company. Janina’s position is a new position in the front office, and she has done well to help define her job, mostly by creating more job duties as she continues to take charge of new tasks in addition to her daily scheduled tasks. She is willing to help out all of our departments, and is able to finish projects in record time. Janina has many great computer and organizational skills that she puts to use daily updating procedures for submittals and O&M Manuals, along with being able to researching information quickly and accurately. Our employees and clients find her can-do attitude and willingness to help, boosts morale. She is able to handle calls for our many project managers, and assist our clients when our project managers are not available. Our front office staff is always our client’s first contact with our company, and Janina works hard to make the best impression possible. She boosts morale throughout the company, not just in the front office area, but throughout the building. She enjoys assisting all of our field personnel and enjoys talking with our employees coming into the shop, and is willing to help them with any administrative jobs they have. Janina is a welcome member of our H&H team, and has proven to be a valuable team member. When it was suggested to start the H&H Industries newsletter again, she offered to undertake the project. She has included ideas for the newsletter from everyone, especially from our employees out in the field. If you ask Janina how she has managed to learn her job so well and so quickly, her response, ‘I have had the best teachers’. Among them she credits Peggy Thomas, who has been with H&H for many years, as well as all of the Project Managers who are patient and take time to explain the project and their needs. Thank you for your hard work, commitment, and dedication to our company. As always, there are many employees who have been nominated, a big thank you to everyone for continuing to make HHI a strong company.

November Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our November Idea of the Month Janina Kirksey

Yes, this is the first time we have a ‘Double-Down’ winner! As a special incentive, the winner of both in the same month receives 1 ½ times the normal prize. Janina has submitted 2-3 ideas per month since we started the program. Like in the past, many of her ideas have been implemented and have increased productivity in our workplace. Among the ideas that we are currently using is the change in our O&M process. Instead of printing off a paper copy of the O&M binder for approval, we are submitting an electronic version. This allows us to make the corrections needed, instead of printing off items that need to be reprinted. It saves time, supplies, and is more efficient. Another idea that is in the works is moving a current job list on the W drive. Then all the jobs may be viewed at once in one spot. She has offered to implement this current job list and is working on compiling the list. More ideas include a special parking space dedicated to the winner for 30 days, and H&H clothing for non-field personnel. Our owner has an idea in the works to offer clothing with the company logo, exciting details to follow.

Thank you for all of the great ideas, and the continued submittal of ideas on improvement for our company. Again, there were many great ideas submitted, we appreciate everyone thinking about ways they can improve the company, and the company can improve!

Thank you again to all of our employees who have been taking the time to fill out the employee and idea of the month forms. The continued support of our coworkers shows our overall commitment to our team. You may turn in the forms at any time of the month; we will be selecting the next Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month the first Friday in October. All of your ideas are great ideas and we appreciate your time and effort to help out your fellow employees and HHI. We are always looking for new ways to do the job better, to help all of the employees as well as our customers. Thank you all for contributing to our team by the work you do daily and the great thoughts and ideas you are all willing to share to help the team grow and prosper.

Please keep the entries coming for next month. Remember to stop by the Labor Command Center, the Kick-off meeting room, to see the plaques with the Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month displayed. There we also have job pictures framed and posted and the Idea pictures on the projection screen posted.