October Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our October Employee of the Month Loren Priebe

Loren is one of our SheetMetal foremen who work on a variety of construction and service related jobs. Loren shows his dedication to HHI and our many clients, who ask for him by name. He always goes above and beyond what our client is looking for. He understands that a job from start to finish is what the customer remembers and how important this service is to the customer. As a dedicated foreman, Loren takes time working with the new sheetmetal pre-apprentices and apprentices to help them learn the trade. There are many different types of projects we have at H&H which offer valuable hands on experience for all levels in the field. We appreciate our well-rounded and experienced staff, especially when they are willing to pass this along to their fellow employees. Thank you to Loren and all of our employees for making HHI a strong company that takes pride in a job well done.

October Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our October Idea of the Month Troy Smith!

Troy is an apprentice on our WIMR jobsite. Troy was pulling and shaking out parts at WIMR and decided to hang the 8 ½ X 11 cad spool drawing on the walls below the wall openings. This is saving us time in two very important ways. When we are connecting the runs, the drawings needed are hanging up to refer back to, and when the workers are moving down the hallway on the runs, all the materials are laid out in the order needed to be used, no more stopping to search for material or drawings. Here is another example of an idea that does not cost anything to implement and the dollar savings in the end is a big payout! Ergonomics in the workplace is being used again, saving manpower looking for parts or the cad drawings a second time. Again this is something we can use on other sites to improve our overall efficiency. Thank you again to our employees for not only doing your job well done, but looking forward to improve your company’s overall performance. We appreciate the many ways everyone works together as a team.