September Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our September Employee of the Month Edward Augustus.

Edward is our ‘new’ Purchasing Manager who is handling our entire ordering and inventory for Industries, and helps with delivery coordination between the warehouse and our jobsites. In addition to ordering and inventory control for our construction projects, Edward also assists our Service Department with their purchasing and inventory needs. Edward has done a great job learning and implementing different procedures that are helping stream line processes and issues. He has taught himself a lot about this industry he has made ways of tracking material and supplies that help everyone from the vender to the installer. Edward has learned what the different foremen in the field are looking for and is always striving to find a better and faster way to get things done. Our new Material Requisition Form has been helpful in these processes, along with the many spreadsheets Edward has developed and used to track our purchases. His due diligence in researching the parts and keeping accurate records has also helped our accounting department, one of the ways is they are able to track things as our records are now current and up to date, instead of weeks or months out. This information allows us to utilize ‘Lean’ construction practices to continue to keeps costs down. Edward is always willing to help research and find hard to get items, and is able to accomplish getting things out to the field in a quick and timely manner. He took on a big job, mastered that job, and has turned it into a department that is flowing.

September idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our September Idea of the Month winner Matt Anderson.

Matt is our Steamfitter Foreman at WIMR and Surgical Pathology. Matt is using the Two Week look ahead as an effective tool. He has a dry-erase board on the wall that matches the Two Week look ahead paper copy he turns in. We see that the foremen are putting tasks down for the two weeks and Matt has taken this a step farther. He is putting names behind each and every task for the whole two weeks. By doing so, they are able to plan manpower for this timeframe, as well as the material and tools to go along with the tasks that need to be done in the next two weeks. For every job, particularly at WIMR, every contractor needs to stay on schedule, and not get behind, this process helps keep everyone on track. Not having the materials or tools needed to finish part of the job could potentially affect the schedule, slowing down HHI and other contractors who are following behind our work, and vice versa. This also lets the guys on site know what to look forward to as the weeks go along. This can also be done on the smaller jobs effectively to help keep everyone on schedule as well as planning their materials and deliveries efficiently.

Thank you again to all of our employees who have been taking the time to fill out the employee and idea of the month forms. The continued support of our coworkers shows our overall commitment to our team. You may turn in the forms at any time of the month; we will be selecting the next Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month the first Friday in October. All of your ideas are great ideas and we appreciate your time and effort to help out your fellow employees and HHI. We are always looking for new ways to do the job better, to help all of the employees as well as our customers. Thank you all for contributing to our team by the work you do daily and the great thoughts and ideas you are all willing to share to help the team grow and prosper.

Please keep the entries coming for next month. Remember to stop by the Labor Command Center, the Kick-off meeting room, to see the plaques with the Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month displayed. There we also have job pictures framed and posted and the Idea pictures on the projection screen posted.