February Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our February Employee of the Month, Matt Koresh.

Matt is one of our SheetMetal Journeymen and has been with H & H Industries since September, 2011. Matt has done a great job with us as an apprentice, and as an apprentice by winning 2nd place in the international apprenticeship competition 2 years in a row. Since becoming a Journeyman last July, Matt is helping to mentor our apprentices and teaching them stainless procedures as time allows. He is assisting in scheduling three different stainless welding projects and doing a great job to keep them afloat and on schedule. We have received letters from some of the generals on projects Matt has worked with for us, commending the work Matt does. His dedication and professionalism is an asset to us here at H & H and to his trade. Matt makes the effort to excel at his job for our company and to help the apprentices to further his trade. A big Thank You to Matt for the great job he is doing for us here at H & H and for passing along his skills by mentoring our apprentices. And thank you to all of our skilled and experienced workers for the great example they show every day in their work and in mentoring our new tradesmen. Everyone on our team is important and appreciated. We have received many nominations for employee of the month, thank you for the great nominations and please keep them coming in.

February Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our February Idea of the Month, Jamie Ylvisaker.

Jamie is our Warehouse Manager and coordinates all of our incoming and outgoing deliveries. Jamie has spent a lot of time to come up with a better way to store our large deliveries in the lein to and keep them protected from the elements, dry and clean. Currently our warehouse team uses tarps to cover the items out back, which protects our inventory but is time consuming in covering/uncovering the items daily as units are added and removed. Jamie has researched the cost of a door to eliminate the tarp process. His idea is not a new idea, but his diligence in researching the cost for implementing his idea has made it possible to put in place. By May we hope to have a door system using tarps sliding back and forth, allowing a forklift in to stack or remove units. The initial cost will outweigh the time it currently takes to keep everything dry and clean, and will do a better job of protecting the items stored. Thanks to Jamie for persisting to get the job done better, faster, and overall save money for our company. We are all looking for ways to improve our productivity, and thank you to everyone for all the great ideas we have received. Please continue to fill out your idea of the month forms, and drop them in the box on the wall in the Labor Command Center. We have received many great ideas, and want to encourage all of our employees to turn them in.