January Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month, Marcy Provost.

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month, Marcy Provost. Marcy is our Field Personnel & Safety Administrative Assistant and has worked for HHI since July 2011. She helps with tracking the manpower needed for the field and the shop. Her record keeping abilities are impeccable, and often utilized by other departments. She can often be found helping out the accounting department, front office, and project managers on activities that would normally fill their schedules, allowing them to work on job specific processes. She maintains HHI’s safety programs and has developed enough Toolbox Talks to last us for the rest of the year. Her proactivity and sense of urgency in her role makes her a great go-to person. Marcy’s positive attitude and pleasant demeanor make her a delight to be around and work with. Marcy also fills in for other administrative roles when needed; not just doing the basics to maintain the office, but she goes the extra mile and asks what else she can do while someone is gone just so she can make their life a little easier upon their return. Thank you to Marcy and all of our employees for not only doing your job well but helping to get all jobs finished on time and done right the first time. Marcy is a great fit with H & H, working well independently and as part of a team. Thank you to everyone for doing the best to accommodate schedule changes, in that things run smoothly all the time. Keep the employee of the month entries coming in, and thank you for supporting your co-workers by recognizing their hard work in continuing to improve our company. We have the best team – we work together, we support each other, and we grow and learn together.

January Idea of the Month

It’s the first month of a new year, but for January we did not receive any submissions for Idea of the Month, perhaps this is due to the holidays and slight decrease in work hours we experience this time of the year. H & H Industries would like to continue on with our program, awarding employees for their great time-saving and cost-effective ideas that we are able to use here in the work place. Please continue to submit your ideas, and we hope to receive a lot of entries again in 2014. You may already be using a great idea you had, feel free to submit your idea to your Foreman or here in the shop in our idea/employee of the month box mounted next to the projector white screen in the Labor Command Center. We are starting to see entries again in February, keep them coming so we can nominate your great idea for this month! We will be announcing this month, February, keep watching your email and our website for notification.