June Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our June Employee of the Month, Steven Kimpel.

Steven is one of our Steam Fitter Apprentices and has been with H & H Industries since December, 2011. He is doing great work for H & H on one of our big projects, WIMR in Madison. His foreman states that Steven is a hard worker, always willing to learn new things and take on responsibility. He is always looking to accomplish tasks in the highest quality and in the most efficient way possible. We want to thank Steven for his hard work and efforts in doing the best job possible on all of our projects. All of our apprentices are hard-working and do a tremendous job of working and keeping up with their schooling and still performing at their best! As WIMR is finally winding down, new projects are starting with new opportunities to learn new techniques. Thank you to all of our employees for their hard work and dedication to our company and to our trade. Please take a few moments and fill out an Employee of the Month form on your co-workers who stand out above the rest. Thank you to everyone who has made nominations for Employee of the Month and keep them coming!

June Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our June Idea of the Month winner, Janina Kirksey.

Janina is our Office Manager and has been with H & H Industries for one year. Janina has submitted many ideas for Idea of the Month, and this month has another idea worthy of the award, ‘Idea of the Month’! Her idea is for a Lunch with the Owner program, to run along with our two award programs. This will allow one on one time with the owner, to bend his ear away from the normal work setting. This allows employees to view Paul as approachable. This also gives more of our employees a chance to get to know our owner, Paul, and for him to spend time with employees he may not normally get to speak with. Paul enjoyed knowing everyone by name when he worked in the field, with his new position he isn’t in the field daily and our employee numbers have grown! This will provide Paul with an opportunity to reconnect and meet field employees. This is a chance to voice your views in a non-H & H setting in a one-on-one with the owner. There are a variety of fun ways to decide who will go to lunch, we can select from Employee of the Month and Idea of the Month Winners, we can use a raffle system, selecting from everyone in the company. One time we choose from all the Sheet Metal Workers, next time the Steam Fitters, then the Plumbers, Office, and Service Technicians. We can also choose by foreman, journeyman, and then apprentices. There can be lots of fun ways to divide our employees to pick names! Thank you to Janina for the free lunch idea, and the idea of bringing our management and employees together in an innovative way!