March Employee of the Month:

Congratulations to our March Employee of the Month, Jamie Snippen.

Jamie is one of our Plumbing Foreman and has been with H & H Industries since June of last year. Jamie has a fresh outlook on the plumbing and pre-fabrication industry and is sharing his ideas with our team here at the shop and with his co-workers on the job-sites. He is helping the younger team use pre-fab on jobs and showing them what the advantages are for the industry and H & H. Jamie has worked hard and finished a lot of R&D to make this fab efficient and cost effective to build, store, and transport. Jamie worked with Kelly Jordan in our Fab Shop to design a fab table and carts so we can transport fab once it is complete. When our customers see this pre-fab delivered to the site they understand why H & H and our personnel are some of the best in the industry. We have received positive feedback from our customers on our pre-fab items. A Big Thank You to Jamie and everyone involved in making this process possible!


We have many great employees here at H & H Industries. Thank you to everyone for working together to help our company improve our service and jobs for our customers and the mechanical contractors industry.

March Idea of the Month:

Congratulations to our March Idea of the Month, Mike Johnson.

Mike is one of our VIP Steam Fitter Apprentices and has been working at H & H since August 2011. He has been working on our Swiss Log Hospital Projects. These projects use permanently fixed tube stations that are installed in the hospitals to move small items around the hospitals from department to department enclosed in the tubes. Mike made a pre-construction checklist to use for this specific process. He has designed an auto-cad drawing of all the offsets to be made with the tube that gets installed on these systems. This increases our efficiency and productivity on these projects and minimizes the down times needed on the spaces in the hospital that are being worked on. This helps the bottom line for H & H and allows the hospital to get back into areas and rooms quicker, which is much needed in the health care industry. Thank You to Mike for creating a way to do the job more efficiently, and to assist our customer with their needs.

We have had many great ideas submitted for our program and appreciate the thought everyone puts into their work. It is great to see our employees come up with ways to improve their job and then implement them into the process. Keep the ideas coming in and thank you to everyone for their contributions.