The Leopold Center in Baraboo, WI was worked on by H & H Industries in 2006. This non-profit organization’s primary focus is wilderness conservation and the Leopold Center serves as the foundation’s headquarters and primary information center.

The center implements numerous green building techniques and technologies and according to the foundation, “the Leopold Center begins to demonstrate the many ecological, economic, and cultural harvests we may begin to reap when we commit to caring for land”. To meet the foundation’s goals, H & H Industries installed 720 feet of “earth tubing” and a geothermal heat pump system with radiant heating and cooling. The in-floor heating and cooling system, as well as the building’s roof-mounted solar array, contributes greatly to the building’s ability to operate with net-zero energy usage.

Through the use of energy efficient products and installation techniques, as well as renewable energy resources, the Leopold Center became the first carbon neutral building certified by LEED. In fact, at the time of completion the Leopold Center was the highest scoring LEED project in the United States! This records has since been broken, but since the building that broke the record was also constructed in part by H & H Industries, we think we can live with that.