H & H Industries was recently featured in an article about the Resilience Research Center in Madison, WI. On this project, H & H Industries aims to set another standard for the highest rated LEED Platinum Certified building in the world. “The Resilience Research Center is a building designed to house a year-round middle school and much more — an urban farm, a café, a neighborhood center, office space and small businesses.”
H & H Industries installed two underground cisterns to capture rainwater for use wherever non-potable water is needed such as watering the urban gardens. H & H also set up buried geothermal wells which provide geothermal cooling and heating. When combined with other energy efficient systems this solution does not require a back-up boiler or condenser. “Its really only been in the last five years or so that geothermal has become a viable option for commercial buildings,” says Brady Farrell, vice president of H & H Industries. “We’re showcasing a lot of cutting-edge energy-efficiency technology in this business. These two systems are probably the most exciting aspects to the building.”