St Marys Hospital
St Mary’s Hospital Expansion
H & H Industries was involved in several remodels of St. Mary’s Hospital including the Emergency room and 3rd floor projects. H & H was also part of the St. Mary’s expansion project between 2005 and 2007. Resulting in nearly $10 million in new revenue, H & H Industries worked alongside Boldt Construction to design and install new HVAC systems for these projects. To keep the Madison, WI hospital operating at peak capacity and efficiency H & H worked hard to ensure that the emergency room remained operational throughout the remodel.

Park Street
Smith Residence Hall
In 2005, H & H Industries teamed up with The Boldt Company helped build the Smith Residence Hall at the University of Wisconsin. The residence hall houses 415 students and features several amenities such as a Technology Learning Center and a private, soundproof music practice room. This $5 million project included not only the dormitory building, but also a new 5-story parking garage with 3 stories of office space over head. H & H Industries designed and installed new HVAC systems in both of these structures located at Park and Regent St in Madison.

Dane Country Courthouse
H & H Industries was involved in the construction of the Dane County Courthouse in 2003. This combination courthouse and jail is located at 215 S Hamilton St. in Madison, WI and houses 18 courtrooms as well as 10 commissioner hearing rooms. H & H outfitted this building with an advanced air handling system using heated and chilled water to control the air temperature. To distribute the conditioned air, H & H Industries installed a variable air volume (VAV) system which incorporated perimeter heating. This provides comfortable, conditioned air while making the most efficient use of space and energy.

Waisman Center
UW Waisman Center
The UW Waisman Center is a genetic research laboratory for the University of Wisconsin. H & H Industries was involved in the 2006 addition to this state of the art facility located at 1500 Highland Ave in Madison, WI. Building off successes with previous installations, H & H installed an advanced air handling system in this building using heated and chilled water to control the air temperature. Conditioned air is distributed throughout the building using a variable air volume (VAV) system. In keeping with the University of Wisconsin’s focus on environmental awareness and renewable energy usage, this building also features 100% heat recovery through the use of heat reclaim coils.