H&H Industries was lucky enough to be the plumbing contractor for the cold water facility at the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. This project tripled the size of the existing facility, which already was the largest fish hatchery in the state. Six half acre ponds and eight one acre ponds receive the hatched fish from the main building and all the ponds contain “kettles” to fill or drain the ponds.

The facility is well-fed by two wells, one used for the facility and the other for domestic water (showers, bathrooms and sinks). A wide variety of piping is being used at the hatchery: schedule 80 PVC, schedule 40 PVC, SDR 35, C900 (heavy PVC), HD PE (high density polyethylene), buried oxygen, and low pressure and high pressure air.

A “head tank” building takes incoming water and processes it in oxygenation and degassing columns. There are five oxygenation/degassing columns and six transit time water flow meters located in the head tank building. A 3,000 gallon bulk oxygen tank and distribution system supplies the tank house and pump sizes range from 5 to 50 horsepower throughout the facility.