H & H Industries designs, builds and installs world class Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. The process starts in our CAD department where every bend and turn throughout your building is meticulously planned and mapped out. When the entire project is planned and finalized, our CAD drawings are sent directly over to our sheet metal fabrication shop. Here, CAD driven plasma cutters and benders will cut and bend the pieces needed to build the custom ductwork for your facility. Once the patterns are made, the pieces will be pre-assembled and welded in-house to whatever extent possible. All this adds up to the most cost-effective, highest quality and most reliable product available in the industry today.
This process creates many advantages for H & H’s customers. Our cutting edge Estimating and CAD setup ensures that projects are competitively and accurately bid so when H & H is awarded your project, you can be sure that you will be getting the value and quality you expect. Once awarded, our CAD team will work with the other contractors involved to ensure all routing of ductwork, plumbing and electrical conduit is going to work together in the most efficient way possible when it comes time for installation.
When the pieces are finished, they will be shipped out to the job site to be installed by an on-site H & H crew. Because of all the up-front work, when it comes time to install the new system in your facility, you can be confident that all the pieces will fit and the install will go quickly. When we’re finished, your facility will be outfitted with the most reliable and cost effective HVAC system available.