While H & H Industries has been designing, fabricating and installing plumbing systems since its founding, advancements in our capabilities have been largely driven by technological advances implemented in our HVAC business and carried over to our pipe fabrication shop and design processes. The result is one of the most technologically advanced plumbing system estimation, design, fabrication and installation processes in the industry.

Using the same systems, H & H Industries is able to very accurately estimate costs for a project, ensuring our customers that we are providing the best value possible and striking an incredible balance between high quality and cost effectiveness. Once a project begins, H & H CAD engineers will work with all involved parties to ensure that the routing of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems will work together. Contracting with H & H for multiple systems such as HVAC and plumbing gives our customers a unique advantage. Since our CAD team will be able to work together within our system to plan both HVAC and plumbing systems together, the result is a quick finish to the design phase and less headaches when it comes time to install the parts in your facility.

Just like our HVAC work, once the plumbing system is setup in CAD our pipe shop will take over to custom fabricate the plumbing pieces that will be needed to execute our design. Here, automated welders will be instructed by H & H’s experienced pipe-fitters to create the pieces necessary to execute the CAD plan. This means less time on-site wrestling for space with other contractors and a reliable, high quality plumbing system fabricated in our climate controlled, indoor environment. The result is the kind of plumbing install that H & H is proud to put their name on and one that will serve our customers for a lifetime.